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don't read if you don't want to read my complaining

*he didn't call me today. atleast i don't think. and he didn't come into the store to see me... shannon said maybe he is tired from camping and i'll se him tomorrow but he probably just met a new girl that is prettier and older than i am. i knew i shouldn't have gotten my hopes up cause i knew something would happen like this and i knew i would become depressed. FUCK ME FOR NOT LISTENING TO MYSELF!
*i want to go out tonight but i don't know what to do. i'm anxious. tim invited me to go out with him tonight but i don't really know his friends well enough and i don't want to feel like an asshole cause we are supposed to go to a haunted house and i'll probably cry and i don't want to in front of them.
*SARGEANT CARTER HIT ON ME! i felt like such shit. this guy that natalie is sooooooo obsessed over and has been stalking and trying to pick up for months hit on me yesterday. he told me that i was gorgeous and that i had a gorgeous smile. then he brought me some dessert he made. i called natalie crying cause i felt so bad. but she is ok with it cause she has brian now. ha! but i will not pursue anything with him cause he is old enough to be my dad.
*danielle, call me phone. i upped my plan and i'll have it on 24/7 so that i can talk with you. i miss you. laurie and i have devised a new plan. we are going to save up to fly you back out here cause it's easier than saviong up for ourselves. so yes.,.. you are coming back to rochester. then i'm moving to colorado with you. no seriously i am.
*i bought the baby a carebear costume for halloween. it rocks but not as much as me.

*i'[m gonna go be depressed now. someone call me 585.503.0244
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