ERIKA (xloserxgurlx) wrote,

i saw my friends wife out on the streets selling herself for crack.

it was unbelievable. i know a hooker. two of them.
faily vacation in two weeks AHAHAHAHA i bet someone doesn't make it back alive.
i want to get a new tattoo. time to quit being an antisocial bitch and call mr manheart. i want somehing spooky. or hell maybe a pirate haha
i'm always so tired.
i thought i got bit by a tick while camping. turned out it was just a beetle. There was a hotguy there. i kept tyingto liquor him up and seduce him.. too bad i got drunk too fast and fell asleep or else he would have been mine
i have a great sunburn. really it's great. i look damnsexy
i ate pizza today. i waspissed. they ran out of mushrooms. how can you fucking run out of toppigs?> it's the number two most wanted topping. yu should be stocke to the brim
i bought a new watch online. it's exactly the same as my old one... buit black. i'm gonna be so cool
ha mcr show rocked. i was glad that laurie came. matt gave me some beersand we reminicsed about when all am did was drink and i never did but no i do anf now wecan partay., frank tried to teach me c-low which i still don't understand, and some guy from senses fails was kinda strange and stuff... gerard is a wierdo. ray is my homeboy. he told me a secret...
i want to start a collection of things that lookdead. or dead things. either way... send me something. please. now/
natlie is inforida. she said she has never felt the sun so hot. i wish i was there. or at a strip joint
i wan to go golfing. i have the clubs in my car. i just need a partner. or even a caddie.
pink pants are hot./ i know. i am wearing them now.
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