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oooh i love gerard. mmm bats i have a bat tattoo i'm so grindcore!

i took a shower today (first time in 3 weeks!) and when i looked in the mirror, i realized that i really hate being ugly. in all the years i've known laurie, since like 6th grade - i've always admired her incredible beauty. i mean, she's seriously the hottest girl i know, and it helps that i am ocassionally seen with her in public. if i liked girls, i would totally be all over that shit. she's funny, smart, gorgeous and everything a real woman should be. i love her so much and i don't know how i ever lived without even knowing her. she's like my other half...the better half.

anyway, i was on the phone with laurie and we were talking about things we just don't get anymore and there's just so much we don't get! but we realize we are cooler than everyone and that is all that matters.

i am off to play with my french chihuahua who's shit is cooler than you will ever be! we are going to watch a french movie so he can translate it for me!
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