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i saw my friends wife out on the streets selling herself for crack. [10 Aug 2004|12:44am]
it was unbelievable. i know a hooker. two of them.
faily vacation in two weeks AHAHAHAHA i bet someone doesn't make it back alive.
i want to get a new tattoo. time to quit being an antisocial bitch and call mr manheart. i want somehing spooky. or hell maybe a pirate haha
i'm always so tired.
i thought i got bit by a tick while camping. turned out it was just a beetle. There was a hotguy there. i kept tyingto liquor him up and seduce him.. too bad i got drunk too fast and fell asleep or else he would have been mine
i have a great sunburn. really it's great. i look damnsexy
i ate pizza today. i waspissed. they ran out of mushrooms. how can you fucking run out of toppigs?> it's the number two most wanted topping. yu should be stocke to the brim
i bought a new watch online. it's exactly the same as my old one... buit black. i'm gonna be so cool
ha mcr show rocked. i was glad that laurie came. matt gave me some beersand we reminicsed about when all am did was drink and i never did but no i do anf now wecan partay., frank tried to teach me c-low which i still don't understand, and some guy from senses fails was kinda strange and stuff... gerard is a wierdo. ray is my homeboy. he told me a secret...
i want to start a collection of things that lookdead. or dead things. either way... send me something. please. now/
natlie is inforida. she said she has never felt the sun so hot. i wish i was there. or at a strip joint
i wan to go golfing. i have the clubs in my car. i just need a partner. or even a caddie.
pink pants are hot./ i know. i am wearing them now.

[09 Jun 2004|02:32pm]
i bought a bat house. it's going in the tree tomorrow. buy the new mcromance album. it's worth it

[04 May 2004|12:52am]
and for the record, i'd like to blame all my problems on EriK. just because he is kind enough to blame all his on me. hope you are having a lovely time in amsterdam BITCH!!

this ain't no walk in the park bitches [04 May 2004|12:08am]
my car is a piece of shit. i'm trading it in and geting a landrover. if you thought i was hot before, i'll be smoking in this bling. the thing that sucks about getting a new car is that i now have to spend all the hard earned cash that i saved up for my boob job. yes thats right, i'm getting fake titties. deal wit that shit suckas
the other day, i had to pee really badly. but i'm lazy. so i sat there for two hours and held it. it got so bad but i still wouldn't go. i started to cry. but i'm lazy and the longer i waited, the more it hurt, and the less i wanted to move. so i cried some more. then i finally, went.

[16 Jan 2004|05:19pm]
Julie and i are bringing Krimped hair back!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! GRINDCORE

[25 Oct 2003|01:00am]
damn them mcr guys! they have new merch that i have to buy even though i'm not overly impressed.
had my tattoo touched up. erik is in love with me. he told me that i was the coolest cause i like metal and horror movies. he told me to bring some movies with me next time and we will watch them.
miss mayhew i miss you. i got your letter. expect one back soon.

oooh i love gerard. mmm bats i have a bat tattoo i'm so grindcore! [09 Oct 2003|02:39pm]
[ mood | horny ]

i took a shower today (first time in 3 weeks!) and when i looked in the mirror, i realized that i really hate being ugly. in all the years i've known laurie, since like 6th grade - i've always admired her incredible beauty. i mean, she's seriously the hottest girl i know, and it helps that i am ocassionally seen with her in public. if i liked girls, i would totally be all over that shit. she's funny, smart, gorgeous and everything a real woman should be. i love her so much and i don't know how i ever lived without even knowing her. she's like my other half...the better half.

anyway, i was on the phone with laurie and we were talking about things we just don't get anymore and there's just so much we don't get! but we realize we are cooler than everyone and that is all that matters.

i am off to play with my french chihuahua who's shit is cooler than you will ever be! we are going to watch a french movie so he can translate it for me!


[09 Oct 2003|01:47am]
[ mood | confused ]



don't read if you don't want to read my complaining [06 Oct 2003|08:14pm]
*he didn't call me today. atleast i don't think. and he didn't come into the store to see me... shannon said maybe he is tired from camping and i'll se him tomorrow but he probably just met a new girl that is prettier and older than i am. i knew i shouldn't have gotten my hopes up cause i knew something would happen like this and i knew i would become depressed. FUCK ME FOR NOT LISTENING TO MYSELF!
*i want to go out tonight but i don't know what to do. i'm anxious. tim invited me to go out with him tonight but i don't really know his friends well enough and i don't want to feel like an asshole cause we are supposed to go to a haunted house and i'll probably cry and i don't want to in front of them.
*SARGEANT CARTER HIT ON ME! i felt like such shit. this guy that natalie is sooooooo obsessed over and has been stalking and trying to pick up for months hit on me yesterday. he told me that i was gorgeous and that i had a gorgeous smile. then he brought me some dessert he made. i called natalie crying cause i felt so bad. but she is ok with it cause she has brian now. ha! but i will not pursue anything with him cause he is old enough to be my dad.
*danielle, call me phone. i upped my plan and i'll have it on 24/7 so that i can talk with you. i miss you. laurie and i have devised a new plan. we are going to save up to fly you back out here cause it's easier than saviong up for ourselves. so yes.,.. you are coming back to rochester. then i'm moving to colorado with you. no seriously i am.
*i bought the baby a carebear costume for halloween. it rocks but not as much as me.

*i'[m gonna go be depressed now. someone call me 585.503.0244

[03 Oct 2003|10:17pm]
richard called me and left the nicest freaking message on earth on my answering machine. i was in fucking shock. he just said he wanted to catch me before he left to go camping and he said he;'d call me as soon as he got back and blah blah blah. i so did not think he would actually call me let alone have any interest in me cause we are so different. hardcore! i just switched my work schedule with julie so that i could go out with him monday. i need to get my hair cut

[30 Sep 2003|08:19pm]
woooooo! guess who might be going on a date?!?! yes it's me. so i guess shawn and tim have been scheming and decided that richard and i must go out to dinner or hang out or something. so aparently this morning shawn asked tim for my work schedule and is going to have richard come in sometime while i'm working and ask me out. it's never going to happen. HA! i shouldn't get my hopes up cause i know deep down inside it's not going to happen and that i should just get over him.
*someone *miss mayhew* should be getting something in the mail this week.!!!!!! we will be twins soon!
*i bought lassy a gift today. she will totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!
i'm so freaking bored. i bought my halloween costume online today. rock. yeah i do.

[25 Sep 2003|12:00pm]
OMG SEABASS! julie never knew about the larika! i was talking about the larika the other day and how ben and natalie are benalie, and julie had no idea what i was talking about. didn't we tell everyone about that? anyways, we are better than benalie cause we have THE before THE LARIKA. and we are so much cooler!

[25 Sep 2003|11:58am]
ever feel like just ripping your eyeballs out of thier sockets? no? well i do almost 98% of the time lately.

[21 Sep 2003|09:44pm]
DANI! DANI! somethings comin your way in the mail soon baby! and Cody says you are retarded. the blood brothers are coming your way really soon and expect to see you there! BITCH!

[17 Sep 2003|11:37am]
6 inches of rain an hour, flash floods, flying trees, Hurricane Isabel here i come!
if i die while away, someone please take care of my dog

one last thing [16 Sep 2003|11:43pm]
And as always innocent, like a rollercoaster fatality like ghosts in snow. And you have no idea what you're up against because I've seen them and what they look like, becoming perfect as if sterling silver chainsaws went cascading through cardio-procedure. Ever changing never.... like phantoms forever, oxxooxxoo

this boy makes my heart melt [16 Sep 2003|11:35pm]
SqUiGgLeFiNgErS4: when are you leaving?
twilightxworld: tomorrow. don't miss me too much!
SqUiGgLeFiNgErS4: too late

looks like i won't see the ocean afterall... [16 Sep 2003|11:16pm]
complications in plans. boston trip is cancelled. bBUT BUT BUTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! Poughkeepsie tomorrow to see MCR, then nyc for a day, then philly for two where we will see the blood brothers. even better trip plans than before. rock!

[16 Sep 2003|11:22am]
i just realized, that in boston, i might get a chance to see the ocean. that is one thing i've never done before and is somewhat exciting

[10 Sep 2003|11:47am]
hmmm decided it was time for an update.....
*got a cell phone yesterday. i promised myself that i would never join the cool crew and get one but i cracked. i really only need it cause i'm afraid of getting lost or stranded in boston and not being able to do anything but sit in my car. right now i just buy minutes but as soon as i get back i think i might as well just get a plan. cause i knoiw i'm going to go out of control with it. plus i'm be calling miss danielle like whoa! haha yeah.
*my boss is getting transferred to a new store on monday. i'm afraid of going on vacation and coming back to either no job, or an asshole for a boss. they keep teling me everything will be fiune but i know it won't. atleast kareem and me are sticking together. he is so great.
*natalie and i have been hanging out alot lately. it's mostly because we are stalkers. she has this thing for a guy that always comes into the store and i have a thing for this other guy. she is constantly making me drive past her mans house (we call him sargeant carter cause we haven't figured his name out yet) to see if he is home and what he is doing. he is a very nice guy cause ive talked to him before, but he's like late 30's, has two kids, and an ex wife. she loves it cause she doesn't want to have her own kids. but one day she made this other girl follow him where he was driving, and he caught us following him! it was so horrible. but aparently he must like the fact that she likes him cause kareem said he was dissapointed she didn't wait on him in the store.
*anyways, my guy........ i dunno what it is about him. i know i will never ever have him. but it's fun to think. i didn't even like him at first i thought his brother was drop dead gorgeous. but he grew on me. he's like late twenties which isn't as bad as nats situation. but he's really nice. he's always making jokes but i never get them cause i'm so airheaded anymore. he brings his dog to my store to visit me. a huge bulldog. i can't stalk him cause he lives on a deadend and he kinows what kind of car i have. nat thinks he might have a thing for me cause i'm the only one in the store he talks to. i think she is just trying to give me hope. but i'm not going to let myself believe in soemthing that will never happen. besides, i'm sure i can find someone my age. even though he is practically perfect. he's cute, he's nice, his family owns a business so he's wealthy, he was a marine, and all he does is sit at home and watch tv. perfect!
*nat and i are making matching runnning pants. i bet you we will never use them. hahaha
*hmm what else.... i cna't think about anything else but stalking.
*hey miss shelby, i hope you are doing well in dc. drop me an email sometime.
*i'm bringing my neice to chuckie cheese's tonight. should be fun....... i don't think she will ever remember it cause she is only 17 months after all. but atleast they have good pizza and that is all that counts! HA
*the pita pit is quite addictive. i can't wait to go back. i think i'm going to go shopping today and on the way i will pick up one! grr! i think the boy there totally wants me. he is alright. but everytime i walk in he just stares at me and gives me the sex look. i'm totally not joking either. the SEX look. hell yeah.
*we had a dinner party the other night. it was totally great. julie and i cooked fettucini aldfredo from scratch. it actually tasted really good. i think deb had a good time. the party was thrown in her honor. we all ate, played cards, talked. it was fun. we made plans to do this atleast once a month together. and next time laurie will come! yes you will!
*i might get a kitten. i have yet to discuss it with my dad. it is awesome. but not as awesome as my ren pierre. cause no animal on earth compares to his coolness.
*i'm gonna go tot he store and buy milk now. then i'm gonna sit around and do nothing. until i find a friend that will do something. and i've only got five so it's difficult HAHA

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